“Though I’ve only known Patricia Durgin since 2006, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone with such never-give-up faith.

After I taught at a writing conference, she did something I’ll never forget. She asked, “How can I pray for you?” Convinced she was serious, I shared a family situation.

Patricia’s bulldog faith dove in for the long haul. I’m convinced the Godly confidence of this praying woman helped rescue us.”


Julie Garmon, Author, Conference Presenter, with published articles in Guideposts, Sweet16, Today’s Christian, Today’s Christian Woman, Homelife, Angels on Earth, PLUS (a Guideposts publication), crosswalk.com, sober24.com, and urbanministries.com.


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Certifications I’ve earned and programs in which I’ve invested include:

(Plus more during the last 20+ years but who can remember them all? 🙂
* Certified Writer and Speaker Coach by AWSA
(Advanced Writers and Speakers Association)
* Certified Email Mastery Course by Digital Marketer
* Certified Content Marketing Mastery Course by Digital Marketer
* 10X EMails by Copyhackers
* Conversion Copywriting by Copyhackers
* Write Like Freddy by Danny Iny
* Authority program by Copyblogger
* 5,000 BC (Community) by Sean D’Souza
* Inbox Hero Email-Copywriting Course by Laura Belgray
* Launch Hero Copywriting Course by Laura Belgray
*60-Minute Makeovers Copywriting Mini-Course by Laura Belgray
* 30 Day Email Challenge by Nathalie Lussier
* Guest Post Blogging by Jon Morrow
* Scads of Training by Naomi Dunford (IttyBiz)
* Screenflow Training by Jules Watkins
* Social Media Marketing Society (Community) by Michael Stelzner
* Platform University by Michael Hyatt
* Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker
* Boom Social by Kim Garst and Terry Williamson
* Video Traffic Academy by James Wedmore
* Easy-Peasy Sales Pages by Naomi Dunford
*Product in a Weekend by Naomi Dunford
*The 1-Hour Content Plan by Naomi Dunford

“Patricia, I just want to say what a great interviewer / host you are. You are always prepared, ask just the right questions, and make your guests feel so comfortable. You are engaged and adept at drawing out your guests and highlighting their main points. Those are all gifts God has given you, and you use them well.”


Tracy Crump, Author at Cyle Young Literary Agency, Proofreader at Farmers Almanac, Course Instructor at Serious Writer, Freelance Editor at Freelance Writer/Editor, Contributor at Chicken Soup for the Soul, Works at The Write Life with Write Life Workshops, and Co-director at Write Life Workshops

“I met Patricia at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in May of 2007, and the blessing was all mine. 

Even in a casual setting, watching Patricia interact with others was an absolute treat.  Her deep knowledge of God’s Word, combined with her compassion for people, acts as a lifeline that helps those being tossed in the storms of life find their way to safe harbors. 

She has lived this Truth that makes men free, earning her the right to authentically speak peace to the winds and waves of relationships that could capsize any of us.”


Becky Spencer, Author, Speaker, Musician, Certified Christian Lay Counselor and Executive Director of Grand Staff Ministries, Beuhler, Kansas

Reared in abuse, Christ delivered Patricia in her 20’s, removed every painful memory, and taught her His healthy relationship boundaries.

Despite being reared without Him, Christ gave her a brand-new life, offering Himself as her holy foundation. (After all, He is the perfect teacher.)

Patricia didn’t merit this life. In His kindness, Jesus gifted it to her.

He made a way for your life to include blessings and opportunities, too, through a healthy relationship with Him.

With no teaching degree, Patricia Durgin has taught over 3,000 sessions in business, church and community settings…and counting.

She didn’t attend seminary, yet she taught the Bible alongside a pastor for 7 years. With only a high school diploma, she teaches people with decades more education.

What has His called you to do for Him? Doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling His dream for you…if you take action!

If you’re a Christian writer or speaker, perhaps I can help. Contact me.

As a teenager, Patricia set her
sights on a young man named David.

They’ve been married since 1976
and live near Richmond.

Each of their four children
(two daughters and two sons-in-law)
serve Christ in full-time ministry.

Their four grandchildren (one not
pictured on the right
) are a delight.