Founder of Marketers On A Mission

Patricia has studied online marketing since 1996. With a front row seat in the first worldwide classroom, she's learned from the best. For her testimony, visit Patricia's Story.

A partial list of the training programs Patricia's enjoyed.

10X EMails by Copyhackers
Conversion Copywriting by Copyhackers
Write Like Freddy by Danny Iny
Authority by Copyblogger
5,000 BC by Sean D'Souza
30 Day Challenge by Nathalie Lussaier
Guest Post Blogging by Jon Morrow
Scads of training by Naomi Dunford (IttyBiz)
Screenflow training by Jules Watkins
Social Media Marketing Society by Michael Stelzner
Platform University by Michael Hyatt
Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker
Boom Social by Kim Garst and Terry Williamson
Video Traffic Academy by James Wedmore
Email Mastery Course by Digital Marketer
Content Marketing Mastery Course by Digital Marketer


Manager Extraordinaire

In upper management as a corporate COO and CEO since the late 80's, David excels at seeing The Big Picture and steering our ship.

He's usually behind the scenes, but his presence and knowledge is felt--and appreciated--daily.


Encouragement & Entertainment Officer