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“Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” Mark 15:14 NIV

We’re Not Like Other Writers and Speakers

As Christian communicators, our message has a unique factor…it intertwines with Christ’s. They are inseparable.

That’s because our message is really God’s message in us.

So we don’t offer our wisdom, but His. What He’s taught us about Himself (and ourselves!) through our struggles and victories.

He invites us—calls us—to share those lessons with our audience, for their sake and His glory.

He blesses us as we serve. 

We Write and Speak to Glorify God

Our Holy Father planted a passion in us to share what He’s taught us.

He also planted a coordinating passion in our audience to hear and apply our message. To what end?

So their lives change. So they’ll glorify Him. So they’ll share His Good News with those in their circles, too!

And how do we accomplish this great feat? Through our greatest gift to the world, our W-O-R-D-S!

Which are really (say it with me) His words in us!

No matter our topic, we each have a unique message with a common yet holy element.
What is the eternal part of our message?


The freedom that only Christ’s sacrifice offers.

Whether your message focuses on faith, new beginnings, fulfilling dreams,
(or one of a bazillion other topics) your audience also wants what God offers.

(Even if they don’t know Him yet!)


How that truth impacts your message:

If Christ consistently brings
people into your
or professional life who:

  • have never heard of Jesus
  • have never wanted to know Jesus
  • are running from Jesus
  • are turning toward Jesus
They want to abandon the
life they’re living but don’t
see God as their way out.

They want FREEDOM from SIN.
Consider adding an evangelism
element to your message. 

If Christ consistently brings
people into your
or professional life who:

  • ask, “How did you…?”
  • ask, “How can I…?”
  • say, “I’ve tried everything, but…”
  • say, “I can’t hang on much longer…”
They want to start over but don’t
know how to break free of the
old habits that bind them.

They want FREEDOM from DEFEAT.
Consider adding a a teaching
element to your message.

If Christ consistently brings
people into your
or professional life who say:

  • “I know God’s called me to do this…”
  • “Which resources do you suggest?”
  • “We need to develop a plan of action.”
  • More people need to hear this!
They’re ready to fulfill His
dreams for their lives and
need an experienced guide.

Consider adding a training
element to your message. 

Christine Trimpe

Author, Speaker, Joy Seeker

“When God says ‘GO!’ you better be prepared to GO. In my niche, I had to move fast as the new year approached. I found myself completely overwhelmed, considering how to announce and launch the project God laid on my heart for my audience.

I’m eternally grateful for my go-to marketing professional, Patricia Durgin. She clearly outlined a successful sales and marketing plan which I could easily implement.

As I created content, she even gave me little reminders to speak to and about my audience consistently. She helped me understand the importance of every section of my sales content.

Now I am completely overwhelmed in a positive sense; I actually launched my first successful product and converted my audience to purchase my offer.

If not for Patricia’s help, my God dream would still be a ‘what if’ sitting in the back of my mind. Patricia is truly anointed in serving her clients to best showcase their God story for His glory!”