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I want to give you the opportunity to put ReThink Your Mission into action and give yourself the competitive edge with the right "marketing roadmap" in place.

That’s why I’m giving you not one but two full weeks to go through the first modules of the course, implement the training, and learn how to market your value.

BUT! This program only works IF YOU WORK. It's not for tire-kickers. It's not a savings and loan--don't drop off your money today and come back for it later after having done nothing. That's not how to build your business or ministry.

We'll only give refunds to people who submit their work and clearly show they’ve put our training into practice. No exceptions here. Sounds harsh? You need me to be firm on this. It’s only when you’re held accountable that you can rise to new heights. (As self-helpy as that may sound.)

That said, when you do the work but it doesn’t pay off, it’s our fault - not yours. And you’ll get your money right back.

Just tell us within 14 days of purchasing here: refund me. And be prepared to send us your work.


Elisa Joy Torres

"Hi, I’m Elisa Joy Torres. I’m a Life Coach. I’ve been doing this for about two years now. I have worked with a couple of business coaches in the past…to no avail. I have taken any number of classes and gotten little bits and pieces of value from them but never put all those pieces together.

And when I took Patricia’s class, ReThink Your Mission, she took me step-by-step from my story to my mission (my calling), to actually giving me tools and worksheets to structure what I do and the ways I’ve helped my clients into something I could put out there, instead of just getting one client here and one client there.

Dana Little

Dana's Testimonial

Tabatha Schaeffer

Tab's Testimonial

Your Message Has Been a BEACON to "Your People" for Years Offline!
(now let it be a

Your message effortlessly draws the attention of those whom God's gifted you to serve, and rightly so, because they'll benefit the most from your message.

They will intrinsically want your products and services, sensing that you're the one they can learn from (even if they've tried multiple "experts" elsewhere).

Trouble is, with the online market getting noisier and noisier, it can be hard to stand out.

ReThink Your Mission will help you design your message to be that beacon. You can bake what makes it unique into everything you offer and every marketing message you produce.

"Your people" will finally be able to find you online!

Get Out of the Invisibility Rut with ReThink Your Mission