Important question for Christian communicators
feeling stuck and
frustrated by their lack of progress.

What’s the main difference between a
professional writer or speaker who has 
people lining up to
buy their books or attend their events…

And the “eternal struggler” who's never built a following,
even after
months (or years) of sacrificial service?

you might think it’s that

  • you've never had a mentor
  • your marketing budget is too small
  • you need to know more influencers
  • you haven’t attended enough professional conferences.

But it's none of those. Instead:

The key difference between a Christian communicator with a thriving business or ministry
and the eternal struggler who's never gained momentum is…

Knowing how to shape their message so that it attracts
people who aren't already their friends (strangers).

And the truth is...

Most strugglers are marketing their message the wrong way.

Tell me if this feels familiar.

You know for an absolute fact that God gifted you with a message.

You’ve shared that message hundreds times in real life (during casual conversations at the ball park, in an airplane, in a department store...when you're just living life) and you’ve seen God work miracles through your words. Offline, it's normal for people to ask at the end of a conversation, "Do you do this for a living?" 

But when a stranger asks what you do, it takes you oh, about an hour and a half to answer, because you start first in this direction and then veer off in that direction, never explaining your message in a straight line.

Same thing online. You were so eager to take your message to the online world! You looked forward to helping others in God's name, imagining them reading your blog posts, enjoying your social media content, and eventually (or so you imagined) sending you an email to say, "I'd like you to help me."

Yet once online, you quickly realized just how hard it is to truly, deeply connect with people who aren't already your friends. 

But you kept on trying, sharing the same message in the same way, month after month (you know, the message that always gets people's attention in real life). The anticipation of helping people online like you have offline for so many years was enough to keep you going.

Riding a wave of excitement, you bought the marketing books the experts suggested, watched the YouTube videos, and sacrificed sleep to rework your content over and over until it was perfect.

You expected (prayed?) it would only take a few months for everything to fall in place and you’d be off and running.

After all, so many others make it look easy. Once you found your rhythm, “your people” would flock to you. Wouldn’t they? 

But things haven’t quite worked out way.

Months (or years) into your online journey, you have a few regular followers (your family, friends, and friends of friends), but not very many people who didn’t already know you.

Your message still isn’t getting the attention or engagement you know it should.

And your marketing knowledge (all those tips everyone promises will "turn things around in 48 hours") falls far short.

You begin to wonder if Christ really wants you to spend time online, after all.

Little by little, you feel your commitment to, “buckle down and learn this stuff already” fading away.

When you do invest the odd Saturday to try once again, it only seems to prove that you don’t understand it any more today than you did 3 months ago.

Maybe you should toss your dream in the trash bin and be content to speak and write at your local church. 

The really big question is...where did things go wrong?

Most likely it started the very moment you accepted God’s call to take your message online.

Because chances are, marketing yourself gives you the heebie-jeebies. And that's in part because--even though you know God works through your message--you're not confident that you can help someone you've never met. 

And as a beginner, marketing online the wrong way can be worse than not marketing at all.

So if you’re stuck in a rut and unhappy with your progress, it could have a lot to do with the patchwork marketing you’ve been using up until now.

Because a lot of the books and courses out there go on and on about things that, in the beginning, aren’t relevant to where you are.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lot of writers and speakers—deeply committed though they are—spend their marketing energy randomly posting content, hoping it will attract someone’s (anyone’s) attention, without making any long-term progress.

No wonder so many get frustrated in their first few months and feel like they’ll "never get it.”

But you might be happy to hear that: 

Despite Past Defeats You Can Become an Effective Marketer

Lies from the enemy pop into your mind,'re "too educated," or "not educated enough," you "talk like a hick," or, "like a professor." You're "too fat," or "skinny," "not smart enough to learn this stuff," and on and on it goes. 

But you know--down deep in your heart--that those lies are, well, not true. Because you've served people offline, and those fake "barriers" never stood in your way.

Serving people fills you with deep joy and satisfaction. Their Thank You notes and emails confirm your calling AND your abilities.

Each time you minister to them, you sense that “light bulb moment,” as your words break through the haze they’ve been living in.

It’s possible to acquire the skills, confidence, and marketing know-how to share your message effectively online, whether that means delivering your next presentation, hosting a Facebook Live program, or (finally!) writing that book that’s lived in your heart for so many years.

In just a moment I’ll show you how you can enjoy all these experiences.

But first, let’s talk about…

The 3 Marketing Myths That May Be Holding You Back 

Over and over, new clients come to me despairing over the same lies and, if you believe them, they’ll hold you—and your audience—back from God's best. 

Myth #1: Christians aren't supposed to market themselves

Sharing God's Good News is not a's a directive. Like so many other areas in a Christian's life, the motive of our heart is the key.

Do we write and speak to draw attention to ourselves or to God's message of deliverance? For His is the only worthy message, and everyone needs to hear it, even those who do not yet know Christ.

But He doesn't expect us to start from scratch. Our message builds upon the foundation He's already laid, extending it to those in our circles. Our goal is to expand those circles. Marketing does that.

Can't God reach people without us? Oh, yes, but He invites us into to experience the thrill of helping those He gifted us to serve. So they are blessed, and so are we. Isn't He wonderful?

You and I are called to stand up in a crowded space--online and offline--and proclaim that which we know: God sacrificed His Son to pay for mankind's sins. Yours, mine, and everyone else's, for no matter what we've done or what's been done to us, He can make us clean and free again. Magnificent!

Marketing helps them find you--and Him--in the crowd.

For what value is your message (really, God's message in you) if no one hears it?

Myth #2: You can serve your audience just as well without "going online"

Yes, you can. But should you?

You can serve those few who move in and out of your offline circle. The only reason to take your message online is to share God's message with more people.

Your audience is online, in the new, digital world. If we do as Jesus did, we will go there, too. And become comfortable there. (He knows that might take a while.) 🙂

We are always wise to follow Christ's example, and He always went to the people, wherever they were. There He connected with them and served them. They fell in love with Him and wanted more of Him.

With His help, you can learn how to connect with, and serve, people you may never meet in person this side of heaven.

The online world is the greatest mission field in history! You and I are invited to be part of it. Glory!

Myth #3: You're not savvy enough to learn marketing

This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense. The enemy whispers this lie when things get hard, like when you're explaining how you can help someone and your listener's eyes glaze over.

Oh, how I totally feel your pain!

When you first begin to share your message online, you can feel awkward. After all, in your offline circle of influence, everyone has seen living proof of the lives you've impacted for Christ.

But online, you engage with more people who don't know you than those who do (at least, if you're doing it right!). Over time, you notice that these new people don't react to your message the way your friends always have.

So it can seem obvious that people online don't want (or need) what you're offering. This is so not true!

Your audience (online and offline) is hungry for the solutions your message offers!

The Good News Is,
There’s a Proven Roadmap to Learn Effective Online Marketing

At this point, you already know that marketing is about attracting new audiences to your message.

By using the training system I’m about to share, you’ll also:

  Connect effortlessly with your ideal target market

  Create content that fits your audience perfectly

  Prove that your message gives them the results they want 

  Design a promotional series like a pro!

You can experience all these results, whether you’re a total marketing beginner or you’re coming back to marketing after several failed attempts. 

But they DO depend upon your using a specific, step-by-step roadmap to get there. 

One that uses proven, effective teaching methods and marketing practices used for decades, yet is fresh and new to your audience, just like your message. 🙂 

One that’s been my secret weapon to help my private clients make massive leaps in messaging and marketing throughout the last 8 years. 

One that you can adapt for each new project in the future.

One that you’ll excitedly point back to a few months from now, when you’re absolutely nailing it onlinereaching new audiences in ways you NEVER thought possible.

Hi, there. I'm Patricia Durgin.

I've been online since 1999 (when the first Matrix movie released), before "online marketing" was even a thing. 

When businesses began marketing their products on the World Wide Web, I studied them, observing and reverse-engineering how both Christian and non-Christian leaders built their digital businesses and ministries.

I had a ringside seat to the greatest classroom in the world, watching online marketing grow from its infancy to the colossus it is today. 

You might say I've been immersed in online marketing...20 years and counting!

A trainer at work, a teacher at church, and a speaker in the community, I’ve written and presented over 1,000 sessions, loving that light bulb moment when my audience "got it."

I took those training skills online in March, 2018, jumping into a Facebook Live program with both feet, serving Christian writers and speakers every weekday through tutorials and interviews. 

Leading Christian communicators join us weekly. Our 400th episode is right around the corner.

In the over four decades I've taught and trained, I’ve learned that in order to reach your goals, you need a clear plan…an easy-to-understand framework that can be adapted to any environment. 

I’m totally thrilled to introduce…

ReThink Your Mission is based upon the 4-Step framework I’ve developed over 8 years of coaching private clients.

A framework that connects you with your audience faster, drives your content creation, proves your message changes lives, and organically promotes your products and services.


With ReThink Your Mission, you’ll be marketing your message from the very start… not just learning how to market it, but actually getting comfortable with a new way to market it.


Instead of surveying 1,000 random strangers, hoping to "find" your audience amongst the 7+ billion people in the world, we use a different approach.

We'll conduct a guided tour through your Christian experience, finding your God-given target market hiding in plain sight.

You've connected with them so effortlessly and serve them so effectively--for decades--that you've missed an important point: these are the very people God created you to serve in His name.

Their questions, needs, and obstacles drive everything...your social media posts, blog posts, book proposals, speaking presentations, product offers, and marketing strategies.

These are your people...the foundation of your business or ministry for years to come.


Through the years you've noticed similarities in the people who "pop up" in your life. They're not carbon copies of each other, but they do have the same or similar pain and ask the same or similar questions.

They feel stuck inside an impenetrable maze, desperate to escape. You know the answers to their questions because years ago, you traveled the path they're traveling today. So you know the shortcuts. The secret passageways. The hidden tunnels. You can help them in ways other people can't.

For years you've guided different people out of that maze, teaching them the lessons, wisdom, and insights He taught you as He helped you escape.

This is the message He created you to share. 


No one is delivered from the maze mentioned above by wishing it were so. New choices have to be made. New actions taken. New behaviors lived out day after day.

You already help people make these changes, but you've never been able to explain exactly how or promise specific results, so they're not interested in your message. And you wonder why.

It's high time YOU realized the value you offer to your audience, so you can help THEM see it, too.

Freedom is the ultimate transformation your audience seeks. Specific. Clear. Measurable. Freedom.



Does the thought of promoting yourself give you the "heebie-jeebies"?

Even though you know you're good at what you do, you don't have the confidence to say it out loud

have the confidence to explain it to others, much less promote yourself or guarantee your results?

couldn't explain how it benefits others?





Elisa Joy Torres

"Hi, I’m Elisa Joy Torres. I’m a Life Coach. I’ve been doing this for about two years now. I have worked with a couple of business coaches in the past…to no avail. I have taken any number of classes and gotten little bits and pieces of value from them but never put all those pieces together.

And when I took Patricia’s class, ReThink Your Mission, she took me step-by-step from my story to my mission (my calling), to actually giving me tools and worksheets to structure what I do and the ways I’ve helped my clients into something I could put out there, instead of just getting one client here and one client there.

"Taking this class is going to enable me to promote myself in a way that hundreds of people see it, and more clients are going to be reaching out to me instead of me feeling like I’ve got to knock on every single door.

So she’s given me the tools that nobody else in two years has been able to make clear to me…all those pieces fell together in this class. And I’m really excited. I’m excited to go through all of the worksheets she’s giving us, and to go through all the different ways that we can approach our marketing…it’s all exciting to me, and I see my future as a successful Life Coach instead of a struggling Life Coach.

And I’m grateful, so thank you, Patricia, for giving me and of us this gift. I loved the group atmosphere as well, and how we supported each other and how different people’s gifts came in and filled even more blanks than you were filling in for us.

It was just a massive, positive experience to be with you and these others in this class, so I appreciate it. Thank you so much."

Dana Little

Tabatha Schaeffer (sp?)

Puzzle piece w/ copy leading into BEST REASON w/lighthouse (below)?

(those God has gifted you to serve)



Your message should be a beacon for those whom God's gifted you to serve. It should effortlessly draw their attention, because they'll benefit the most from the products and services you offer.

But with the market getting noisier and noisier, it can be hard to stand out.

ReThink Your Mission will help you design your message to be that beacon. You can bake what makes it unique into everything you offer and every marketing message you produce.




What’s the difference between ReThink Your Mission and ???

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If you want to get better at something, you have to be around people who are good at it.

You need a community of fellow believers and leaders who are as dedicated and passionate as you are.

In our active Facebook group, you’ll find encouragement, real-world advice, and powerful connections among like-minded people.

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