Trusting God When You’re Starting Over…Again, with Twila Belk

Image with text Trust God

Are you starting over…again?

Then you’ll enjoy my interview with Twila Belk.

Twila and I met oh, about 1,000 years ago, when she worked with veteran author Cecil (Cec) Murphey. She was full of life, encouraging everyone she met, mixing her unique blend of humor with deep Biblical truths. I loved her instantly.

Twila is an author, speaker, conference director, and as of last year (2016), she’s a cancer survivor.

She’s also been the primary breadwinner–and caregiver–for her family for years. She shares the weight of that reality in this interview, and how the struggle has drawn her closer to God through the years.

Her overarching message? Trust God. The Father has taught Twila many lessons in this area! She learns them and then shares them with her audience, online and off. (That’s what you and I do, too.)

I don’t fully trust Christians who never admit to struggling, do you? Twila’s not that way. She’s open without being raw, and wise without being condescending.

Twila also has a new role.

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How to Write a Dynamic ABOUT Page

Your About page is the heartbeat of your site.

Are you building a warm, snuggly community? What about a site that’s “business, all business”? Do you welcome one and all, or just a select few? None of those choices are wrong. But whichever represents you, speak to those people, and those people alone.

Doesn’t that mean that other people won’t be interested? Yes! And that’s the way it’s supposed to be—as you’re clear about who you serve, those specific people can find you in the crowd—and others will go elsewhere.

Note that your About page is more than a list of your accomplishments, and far more than your bio…it’s about how your life and work experiences shaped you into who you are today, so that you can help your audience.

How do you want people to feel when they read your About page?

Comfortable and cozy, motivated to action, informed and educated, or something else altogether? Choose your words accordingly.

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Discover Your Greatest Asset

Are you launching your business or ministry this very moment? Stop! You MUST read this post before you take another step, make another decision, and definitely…before you begin marketing.

Because you’ve probably got the basics all wrong. (I know. I know. I’m supposed to be all warm and fuzzy, so you’ll like me. But I don’t want to start our relationship on false pretenses, so I’ll just be me, and you just be you, and we’ll see if we get along, all right?)

Are you a Christian with a message that burns in your gut so bad you have to keep Pepto-Bismol on your nightstand? A message that inspires you so intensely you have to make yourself think of something else, before your brain explodes from joy?

You are my kind of people.

So I’m going to do what others won’t. Or can’t. I’m going to tell you the truth.

You Can Stop Pretending

Everybody already knows that you challenge the status quo. Some people think that’s your best quality. They like, no, they depend upon you to do that. To say what they wish they could say. To live the life they want to live. To be the person they want to be. They’re not groupies. They’re “your people.”

You know, those individuals with whom you naturally click, who appreciate your zany sense of humor, and who recognize the pebble of wisdom in your wacky stories.

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