Building Your Online Platform By Yourself Can Make a Grown Man (or Woman) Cry

It seemed so easy at first, didn't it? So straightforward. A website. Some social media. Maybe interviews about your book here and there. Voila! In no time, your online platform would be rockin' and rollin'. Alas, it was not to be.

Seems that every tool you need, every program, every product, has a different learning curve. Why do you need so many separate elements? And for goodness sake, will somebody please explain how they all work together?!?

The most frustrating part is that you're smart. Committed. Ready to get it done. But each time you purchase a new product or training, there's one more specialist who only explains their one "thing," leaving you in the dark about how to tie that into all the other "things" your platform needs.

And (need we say it?) not only do the other experts leave out tactics, they don't even mention strategies. This online platform building might take a long, long time. How much time do you have?

What if you had a guide to show you how everything connects together? Someone who's been around online marketing since 1996? Who specializes in both tactics and strategies?

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Coaching Packages

My most popular packages are on this page. If you need something else, we'll create it for you. (Note: Since my clients are all over the country, I work via Zoom and e-mail.)

Plan on anywhere from 3-6 *months to complete either of the packages below, because the goal is for you to understand how to use the tools and resources, and use them to develop strategies that are uniquely suited to you and your message.

We're not building a paper-mache house here. We're laying the foundations for your online you can build upon for years to come.

*Depending upon how much time you'll have to create content.

The Ultimate Online Platform-Building Package #1

(if you need a website)

The 5 foundational elements every professional writer or speaker needs are in this package. It includes your:
1) website creation including first 5 pages (Home / About / Contact / 2 optional)
2) email account setup and first two email message series
3) one Lead Magnet creation
4) a 3-month content creation plan
5) social media content plan.

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The Ultimate Online Platform-Building Package #2

(if you already have a website)

For those who already have a website (vs a, Wix, or Weebly website), this package includes your:
1) email account setup and first two email message series,
2) Lead Magnet creation,
3) a 3-month content creation plan, and
4) social media content plan.

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ReThink Your Message

Do you have multiple ideas for books, presentations, online courses (in short, products) but they seem to be disjointed? They're not. There is a purple thread of God's activity in your life, weaving your various creative ideas together. But that thread is hard to see!

This training will help you identify the common factors in your cumulative ideas, giving your overall message a structure you've never experienced. With that comes clarity, focus, and direction.

You'll see your value to the Kingdom afresh. How your many ideas are part of God's overall strategy for you and your message. You'll know which projects fit His plan, which interview invitations to accept, and how to move forward with purpose and passion.

All because you'll discover 1) exactly who He wants you to serve, 2) exactly what He wants you to say, and 3) the exact results He wants your message to deliver to your audience.

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"The Marketability Factor"

What changes does your message promise your audience? This is what I call, "The Marketability Factor," and it's slippery as an eel to describe, requiring a level of clarity most of us don't have naturally.

When asked, "How will your book improve my life?" we need to be able to answer clearly, "Benefit #1, Benefit #2, and Benefit #3."

This one-on-one training helps you identify the practical, measurable results of your book which streamlines your marketing, enhances your interviews, and sells more books .

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Blog & Social Media Content Plan

Random blog posts and aimless social media posts don't move your platform forward. This training will help you nail your content goals for both mediums, giving you a clear plan to follow that fits your message (and your audience) perfectly. You'll come away with a 3-month content outline and the knowledge to duplicate that process on your own.

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