Hey, there! I'm Patricia Durgin, and I'm thrilled you're interested in joining me for a visit on my Facebook Live program, Marketers On A Mission, seen every weekday at 12 PT / 3 ET.

We cover a wide variety of books, including fiction (a bit) and non-fiction (a bit more), including topics such as marriage, parenting, grief, healing, soul-care, personalities, getting booked to speak, how to set your speaking rates, when to go full-time as a writer, time management, writing devotions, and so much more during 500+ episodes!

I'm not currently booking guests. See below.

Christ placed my Facebook Live program on indefinite hiatus
in late April, 2019, just before Covid closed the world.
He's given me no hint if / when the program might be reactivated.

I pray He allows me to return to live interviews in some format. We shall see.
When that time comes, I'll promote it widely, so you won't miss out!  

Potential Guests Have...

Our guests are Christian 1) writers, 2) speakers, 3) conference directors, and 4) those that serve them.

Each guest has an established online presence, with a well-developed website and a solid following on Facebook.

I don't have a huge following, so your acceptance should be viewed as a gift to the Kingdom.

If this is acceptable, visit my Contact page.

NOTE: There are exceptions to the conditions above, but they are rare (that's why they're called exceptions). 🙂

(Contacting me doesn't guarantee an invitation, but it's a good start).

NOTE: We don't cover books about abuse, human trafficking, gender changes, or similar topics. Neither do we cover fantasy, sy-fy, dystopian, and the like.

These topics and others deserve to be discussed, but not on Marketers On A Mission.

You're Invited to Give Back...

There’s no charge to be my guest but I do request that each person include some marketing element for my viewers.

This is your chance to serve those who join us online.

At the end of every interview, guests share a marketing element...a skill or tool or technique that they use to market their message, and they teach us how to use it or benefit from it.

Not intended to be a workshop, this is the last area we cover during the interview and should last about 10 minutes. Past authors have shared 1) how to create your Amazon author page, 2) the four types of publishing options, 3) how to benefit from LinkedIn groups, 4) turning your one-sheet into a book proposal, and so on.

Note that we’re not looking for theories but clear, step-by-step training to accomplish a task or learn a technique specifically related to online marketing for Christian writers and speakers.

Even with over 500 hour-long programs already delivered, the ideas are endless! 

We’ll discuss the specifics of what you might present via email 7-10 days before our interview. (I'll guide this process, based upon what my audience needs.) 

Our Process...

This is not the typical, “Buy my stuff!” sales interview but instead, an opportunity for your audience to know you on a deeper level, which can eventually lead to more sales.

The time (12PT / 3ET) is already set and cannot be changed. Each interview lasts 50-60 minutes.

We’ll meet online at 2:45, go live at 3:00, end at 4:00 and chat for a few short minutes, then we’ll be done. So please set aside 2:45-4:15 Eastern in your schedule.

We’ll meet on a Zoom call (similar to GoToMeeting) and then connect to Facebook. You don’t need a Zoom account; we’ll use mine. And you don’t have to worry about any of the tech, as I’ll take care of everything.

I don’t do canned interviews, so I don’t send questions ahead of time. Instead, I research guests and ask them questions. But I won’t be trying to stump you! Rather, we’ll have a friendly conversation as if we were sitting in a neighborhood cafe, and viewers are watching us, interacting as they desire.

It’s fun, interactive, and energizing! You can watch previously recorded interviews on my FB page, Marketers On A Mission. Look on the left column for "videos," then scroll down that page to choose one or more to watch. 

Once again, find my Contact page here.