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Guest Patricia Durgin 

hosted by Theresa Rowe on her
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Guest Patricia Durgin

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How Email Marketing Works

hosted by Linda Goldfarb on Blue Ridge Conference’s
Podcast, Your Best Writing Life 10.21

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No Matter Your Situation,
God Still Has a BIG Dream for You! 

hosted by Dawn Scott Damon on Advanced Writers and Speaker’s Podcast, Arise Esther 11.22

How to Maintain Your Hope in the Face of Financial Catastrophe

hosted by Dr. Michelle Bengtson on
her podcast, Your Hope-Filled Perspective 9.20

Top 10 Tips for Marketers on a Mission

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Featured in Profile Article for Lifeway Magazine’s Mature Living  4.21

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Why is This Happening to Me?

Patricia’s guest post on Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s blog.
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How to Maintain Your Hope in the Face of Financial Catastrophe 9.20

Book Contributor  7.21

The Selah Award Winning Book We May Be Done But We’re Not Finished

by Deb DeArmond and Friends

I contributed “When There’s Nothing to Give” on page 65, about a financial catastrophe my husband and I experienced. Excerpt below (shared with permission).

“In August, 2015, life was full of possibilities. By March, 2017, life was an empty, gray void.

…Ten months passed. Near Christmas, our pastor encouraged the congregation to give sacrificially in the new year. 

David and I sat there penniless, without so much as five dollars crammed in the back of our sock drawer.

Then Pastor added, ‘If you’re in a time of financial need yourself, give sacrificially of your gifts instead.’ Light bulb moment! I would donate my marketing skills as a praise offering.

…I never guessed that serving others sacrificially in Jesus’ name would establish my business, yet it’s thriving–and I’m still giving away loads of training.”

Originally published in We May Be Done, But We’re Not Finished. Elk Lake Publishing July, 2021.
Special thanks to my friend, author Deb DeArmond for inviting me to participate.  Purchase the book.