Searching for 50 U.S. Soldiers to Honor this Memorial Day!

Did Your Loved One Give Their Life While on Active Duty in America's Armed Forces?

How Will This Work?

Your loved one's memory will be treated with utmost respect.

We'll create a simple slide show that includes your fallen hero's 1) photo, 2) name, 3) rank, and
4) the war, police action, or conflict in which they died.

We'll also need their date of death, please. And an easy-to-understand way to pronounce their name.

Each hero and his/her information will be shown (one per slide).
No additional thoughts or opinions will be mentioned. THEY WILL BE THE FOCUS.

One by one each slide will be shown and their information will be read aloud.

The program will open and close with honor given to these fallen warriors.

Nothing else will be done with their photos or information. It will not be shared with anyone
else or used for any other purpose without your written permission.

(More INFO and DIRECT LINK Below)


If you'd like your loved one to be included in our special program on *Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th, 2019) please send:

  1. his/her photo (in uniform preferably) along with
  2. their name, rank, and
  3. which war, conflict, or police action in which they gave their life.
  4. Also include how to pronounce their name, as it will be read out loud.

EMAIL (Direct Link): Memorial Day 2019

Program will be held on Marketers On A Mission's FB page at our regular program time 12 PT / 3 ET. To be notified when we go live, please like our FB page

*Note that Memorial Day is for those who died while on active duty, fighting for America. If your loved one is still living, their day to be honored is Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day.