Marketing a vague vision with no clear benefits is
an expensive, exhausting, and ultimately, fruitless exercise.

Let’s invest 60 minutes to clarify your vision, declutter your messaging,
or add a measurable outcome to it, with Christ’s help.

 Hi, I’m Patricia Durgin.
Christian Marketing & Strategy Specialist.

We met at NRB ’23 in Orlando. Good to see you again! You’re here to redeem your Gift Card promising a private 60-minute marketing session with me. That’s a $200 value for FREE because we met at NRB! Woo-hoo!


How might I help you? We’re likely a good fit if you’re a Christian writer (non-fiction), a speaker (professional), or a ministry leader (start-up or active) struggling to sell your books, get invited to speak, or increase donations to your ministry because…you’re not communicating God’s vision for your ministry in a way that’s easily understandable by those who most need it.


Let’s chat for 60 minutes and take your ministry one step closer to God’s goal for you and those you’re called to serve.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card


Step #1: Read the questions (in the next section below) to confirm what I offer is what you *need.


Step #2: Open my Calendly link  to choose a day/time that fits your schedule. You’ll notice a short list of questions there, asking for your website address and other info to help me know about your ministry and what’s blocking forward movement in your ministry related to marketing or strategizing. Your answers to the questionnaire help me prepare for our session.

Step #4:
Add our scheduled meeting to your calendar. (It may be 1-12 months away.) 
You’ll be all set! I’ll contact you a few days before our scheduled appointment.


Note #1: All NRB ’23 Gift Cards expire 4.30.24.

Note #2: If your needs differ from my skill set, please contact me so I can gift your session to someone else.

*I’m Offering Fresh Ideas in Areas Like These…

Q#1: When someone asks about your writing, speaking, or ministry, do they have a confused look after you answer? Your marketing message may need additional clarity.

Q#2: When someone asks what your ministry is all about, does it take you 30 minutes to tell them? Your marketing message may need to be decluttered.

Q#3: When someone asks how your ministry changes people’s lives, do you stammer and stutter and grow quiet? Your marketing message may need a measurable result added to it. 

Q#4: If you’re asked in an interview to share your core message in the last 30 seconds…can you?

Q#5: Does your website’s Home page share your message / ministry’s benefit so clearly that a new reader “gets it”?

Q#6: Does your website’s About page talk about you or your reader? (Does it matter?)

Q#7: Do you offer a free resource to website readers as a way to add them to your email list?

Q#8: Already thinking ahead to 2024 and need help to create your basic marketing plan?