Important question for Christian communicators
feeling stuck and
frustrated by their lack of progress.

What’s the main difference between a
professional writer or speaker who has 
people lining up to
buy their books or attend their events…

And the “eternal struggler” who's never built a following,
even after
months (or years) of sacrificial service?

you might think it’s that




  • you've never had a mentor
  • you marketing budget is too small
  • you need to know more influencers
  • you haven’t attended enough professional conferences.

But it's none of those. Instead:

The key difference between a Christian communicator with a thriving business or ministry
and the eternal struggler who's never gained momentum is…

Knowing how to attract people who don't already know them
to their message. (That's called "marketing.")

And the truth is...

Most strugglers are marketing their message the wrong way.

Tell me if this feels familiar.

You know for an absolute fact that God gifted you with a message.

You’ve shared that message hundreds times in real life (during casual conversations at the ball park, in an airplane, you know, when you're just living life) and you’ve seen God work miracles through your words. Offline, it's normal for people to ask at the end of a conversation, "Could we work together on my issues?" 

But when a stranger asks what you do, it takes you oh, about an hour and a half to answer, because you start first in this direction and then veer off in that direction, never explaining your message in a straight line.

Same thing online. You were so eager to take your message to the online world! You looked forward to helping others in God's name, imagining them reading your blog posts, enjoying your social media content, and eventually (or so you imagined) sending you an email to say, "I'd like you to help me."

Yet once online, you quickly realized just how hard it is to truly, deeply connect with people who aren't already your friends. 

But you kept on trying, sharing the same message in the same way, month after month (you know, the message that always gets people's attention in real life). The anticipation of helping people online like you have offline for so many years was enough to keep you going.

Riding a wave of excitement, you bought the marketing books the experts suggested, watched the YouTube videos, and sacrificed sleep to rework your content over and over until it was perfect.

You expected (prayed?) it would only take a few months for everything to fall in place and you’d be off and running.

After all, so many others make it look easy. Once you found your rhythm, “your people” would flock to you. Wouldn’t they? 


But things haven’t quite worked out way.

Months (or years) into your online journey, you have a few regular followers (your family, friends, and friends of friends), but not very many people who didn’t already know you.

Your message still isn’t getting the attention or engagement you know it should.

And your marketing knowledge (you know, all those tips everyone promises will "turn things around in 48 hours") falls far short.

You begin to wonder if Christ really wants you to spend time online, after all.

Little by little, you feel your commitment to, “buckle down and learn this stuff already” fading away.

When you do invest the odd Saturday to try once again, it only seems to prove that you don’t understand it any more today than you did 3 months ago.

Maybe you should toss your dream in the trash bin and be content to speak and write at your local church. 

The really big question is...where did things go wrong?

Most likely it started the very moment you accepted God’s call to take your message online.

Because chances are, marketing yourself gives you the heebie-jeebies. And that's in part because--even though you know God works through your message--you're not confident that you can help someone you've never met. 

And as a beginner, marketing online the wrong way can be worse than not marketing at all.

So if you’re stuck in a rut and unhappy with your progress, it could have a lot to do with the patchwork marketing you’ve been using up until now.

Because a lot of the books and courses out there go on and on about things that, in the beginning, aren’t relevant to where you are.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lot of writers and speakers—deeply committed though they are—spend their marketing energy randomly posting content, hoping it will attract someone’s (anyone’s) attention, without making any long-term progress.

No wonder so many beginners get frustrated in their first few months and feel like they’ll never “get it.”

But you might be happy to hear that: 

Despite Past Struggles You Can Become an Effective Marketer

These lies from the enemy come in many shapes and're "too educated," "not educated enough," you "talk like a hick," or, "like a professor." You're "too fat," or "skinny," "not smart enough to learn this stuff," and on and on it goes. 

But you know--down deep in your heart--that those lies are, well, not true. Because you've served people offline, and those fake "barriers" never stood in your way.

Serving people fills you with deep joy and satisfaction. Their Thank You notes and emails confirm your calling AND your abilities.

Each time you minister to them, you sense that “light bulb moment,” as your words break through the haze they’ve been living in.

It’s possible to acquire the skills, confidence, and marketing know-how to share your message effectively online, whether that means delivering your next presentation, hosting a Facebook Live program, or (finally!) writing that book that’s lived in your heart for so many years.

In just a moment I’ll show you how you can enjoy all these experiences.

But first, let’s talk about…

The 3 Myths That May Be Holding You Back 

Over and over, new clients come to me despairing over the same lies and, if you believe them, they’ll hold you—and your audience—back.

Myth #1: You just aren't cut out to serve your audience online

This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense. The enemy whispers this lie when things get hard, like when you're explaining your message and your listener clearly doesn't "get it."

Oh, how I totally feel your pain!

When you first begin to share your message online, you can feel awkward. After all, in your offline circle of influence, everyone already knows you. They know what makes you tick, how your passion pops up in most conversations, and they've seen how your words convince others how much God loves them (the first step to a changed life).

So a lot of people think that their message needs to change when they go "online."

They believe that because people don't flock to them naturally in the online space, that others don't want (or need) their message...which is so not true!

Your audience is hungry for the solutions your message offers!

Myth #2: Christians aren't supposed to market themselves


Myth #3: If you just keep doing what you're doing, it'll eventually click


The Good News Is,
There’s a Proven Roadmap to Learn Effective Online Marketing

At this point, you already know that clarity is the key to great marketing

By using the training system I’m about to share, you’ll also:

(change to action verbs to identify outcomes)

Have the ability to…


Actually look forward to…

You can experience all these results, whether you’re a total marketing beginner or you’re coming back to marketing

after several failed attempts. 

But they DO depend upon your using a specific, step-by-step roadmap to get you there. 

One that uses proven, effective teaching methods and marketing practices for decades, yet is fresh and new(?),

just like your message.

One that’s been my secret weapon for helping my private clients make massive leaps in messaging and marketing

within a few short weeks.

One that you can duplicate—if you want to—with each new project in the future.

One that you’ll excitedly point back to 2? 3? months from now when you’re absolutely nailing online

marketing and reaching new audiences in ways you NEVER thought you could.

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Hi, there. I'm Patricia Durgin.

I was working online before there was such a thing as “online marketing,” and in 1999, when businesses began marketing their products online (the year The Matrix was released), I began studying online marketing, watching

it grow from infancy to full-blown machine(?) I had a ringside seat to the greatest classroom in the world.

A trainer at work, a teacher at church, and a speaker in the community, I’ve written and presented over 1,000 classes.

In March, 2018, I jumped into Facebook Live with both feet, serving Christian writers and speakers every weekday.

Our 400th episode is right around the corner.

I present tutorials or host interviews, each of which includes teaching online marketing skills. Leading Christian communicators join us. ????

Over four decades of teaching and training, I’ve learned that in order to reach your goals, you need a clear plan…an easy-to-follow blueprint.

I’m totally thrilled  to introduce…