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Marketers On A Mission Grows with You

Whether You’re Building, Growing, or Expanding Your Ministry’s Platform

A Radical New Approach to Platform Building for Christian Writers, Speakers, and Ministry Leaders.

As a Christian writer, speaker, or ministry leader, you’re pulled in every direction every moment of every day. Launching your book. Promoting your message. Researching podcasts. Writing blog posts. Creating Lead Magnets.  Updating your website…your To-D0-List list runneth over!

Just about the time you get a handle on it–even by a smidge–yet another new platform or tool or fill-in-the-blank releases and your carefully crafted schedule disintegrates in your hand.

Is this what God had in mind when He called you to serve others in His name and for His glory? NO!

Did He intend your obedience would require sacrificing your relationship with Him, your family, and even self-care? Again…NO!

You and I are invited to serve God, our audience, our family, and have time for rest, too. The world tells us we must choose. Jesus says we must not. He promises to show us how to fulfill our responsibilities and still enjoy life. Hallelujah!

But like all life-changing accomplishments, it takes planning and organization, doesn’t it? I can help.

Hi, I’m Patricia Durgin, marketing consultant and strategist since 1999. For Christians. By Christians.

For over 20 years, I’ve offered private, one-on-one coaching and strategy sessions. 

Soon I’ll also offer Master Your Platform: The Essentials, a series of 8 project-based small group trainings. Each short course will focus on a single foundational element–with measurable results–that every online platform needs to reach their audience with Christ’s message. 


Let’s start there. 


Private Coaching

  • Platform Building
  • Message Clarity
  • Podcast Pitching
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Back Cover Copy


Serve Your Audience

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Content Planning
  • Strategic Lead Magnet Marketing
  • Promotional Interviews
  • 12-Month Content Plan


Strategic Growth

  • Course Creation & Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Podcast Launch Marketing
  • Website Relaunch
  • Pre-Launch Email Sequence
  • 12-Month Marketing Plan


I don’t do this work for you. I do it with you. These services are worthless without your input. 

No one knows your audience like you do, the message Christ has given you to share, your readers’ hopes and dreams,
what’s blocking their forward movement, and how they most want their lives to change for the better.

Request a complimentary Discovery Call via my Contact page.
Let’s see if we’d be a good match to reach God’s goals for you and your audience!

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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching


“….without fail, each task Patricia’s set me has brought me deeper
understanding and spurred me on to the next step.”

“’How do you measure that?”’ A casual conversation and innocent question from Patricia got me wondering whether my ministry tagline was as clear as I thought it was.

I had no answer and instead of being offended I decided to begin an excursion with Patricia, delving deeply into the whys, wherefores and reasons to do what I do in my Christian ministry life.

Patricia’s able to prompt me to talk about my passion and then, with unassuming humility, she gathers up my own, often jumbled thoughts, and pulls the cover off them, revealing the nuggets and pure gold that’s been in hiding just beneath the surface this whole time.

She’s helping me build a clear road map on which to navigate with my audience, helping them move closer to Jesus in their personal relationship with Him.

Honestly, sometimes I haven’t wanted to do the homework she’s set between calls, because it hasn’t seemed relevant to our current direction. But, because I’m committed to this process, and because what I was doing clearly wasn’t working, I have taken her advice and done the work. Without fail, each task she’s set me has brought me deeper understanding and spurred me on to the next step.

Patricia knows her stuff! I always leave our meetings feeling encouraged and inspired to share the message I believe God has given me.

We haven’t finished our digging expedition yet, but I am certain that there will be fantastic treasure at the end of our time together that’s going to last for years to come.

If you’re on the fence about booking Patricia, I highly encourage you to give her a go – her ability to hear the deep truth underpinning your current message is astonishing and gratifying. Don’t settle for “ok content.” Allow Patricia to guide you to “excellent content.


Sharon Tedford – 61 Things   International singer/songwriter, author, speaker, host of multi-award-winning podcast, God In The Ordinary.

It feels good to finally connect the puzzle pieces, see the system working…”

“When I started working with Patricia, I had a few subscribers and wasn’t sure what to do with them.

To be honest, I felt overwhelmed each time I thought about marketing.

Patricia guided me through the maze, beginning with clarifying my message, identifying my ideal client, and having a great website.

She also showed me how to write emails that connect with my clients, so I can serve them well.

Now I am coaching clients who read my emails and identify with my message.  It feels good to finally connect the puzzle pieces, see the system working, and serve those I’m called to serve.

Patricia, thank you for your excellent teaching and mentoring.” 


Dr. Temitope (Tope) Keku  Professional Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author, and host of Treasures and Truth podcast. Tope’s also a Professor and Cancer Researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Meeting Patricia changed everything.”

“I met Patricia Durgin in 2011 at a writers conference. My novel was with an agent, and I’d heard that I would have to learn to market my work.  Yes, that is how I felt! I didn’t major in marketing. I even hated editing my husband’s thesis because it had to do with “business.” Yuck. I majored in Theology and Art, humanities. Stuff for humans!

Meeting Patricia changed everything. She held my hand and walked me through the frightening world of platforms, taglines, website content (what! We have to have a website!), mail lists (Egad!), target audience,
a well defined message, and generating sales. At the time, I wished I’d never heard of this stuff.”

Thank God for Patricia and for all she does to help authors and speakers who have an eternal, salvific, grace-filled, and hopeful message to proclaim!”


Melinda Inman International Book Award Winner Novelist, Blogger, Speaker,
Bible Study Writer, and Teacher

Promotional Interviews

“Patricia’s professional interviewing skills showcased my talent and
my latest book.”

“1, 2, 3, Voila! Patricia Durgin turned my lackluster Media Page into my website’s gem. We worked together to create two professional video presentations. Every step of the way, Patricia brought her “A” game!

We went from general ideas to developing specific talking points. We practiced and rehearsed. On taping day, we recorded two final interviews.

Patricia’s professional interviewing skills showcased my talent and my latest book. As a retired college professor who taught public speaking, I tell you Patricia earned an A+.”


Dennis Conrad, Author of The Two-Cent Piece, book one of his seven-book series, In God We Trust.

Guests I’ve Interviewed
(of over 500)

“I’ve done over 200 interviews, including the 700 Club, the Rainey’s show, and Patricia, you’re one of the top three interviewers
I’ve had over the decades.

You do your research, you know your stuff…you ask the questions that are in-between the lines.”

“Patricia, you’re wonderful, and I love what you’re doing.
This is a fantastic platform.

You’re helping authors. You’re helping writers. It’s just a blessing.
And you do
an excellent job.”

“Patricia gives dynamic, detailed
sessions that remove the hesitation
of being in front of the camera.

She helps you imagine your audience
there instead, which changes everything.”

Tim Riter
Pastor, Biker, Author,
Avid Outdoorsman

Kathy R. Green Author, Speaker,
Christian Publishing Consultant,
Owner, KRG Publications, LLC

Jane van Laar
Christian Communicator

Radiate the Beauty of Christ

“Patricia is…able to put her guests at ease even if they have never done a live interview before.”

“I loved being interviewed by Patricia Durgin from Marketers on a Mission! Patricia is a wonderful interviewer, able to put her guests at ease even if they have never done a live interview before.

She has a heart for helping her guests get the word out about whatever God has put a passion in their hearts to do for His kingdom.

After she did an interview with me promoting the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, which I direct, I excitedly scheduled one to promote the other conference I direct, the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference.”


Kathy Ide, Director of (former) Mount Hermon and SoCal Christian writers conferences and Co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC