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Smart Authors Know They Need To...

Write Their Next Book and Market Themselves (and their books) and Connect on Social Media and
Create Content for their Blogs and Research Radio Shows to Pitch and Attend Conferences and
Speak at Events...and those are just the highlights!

Successful authors know there's only way to get it all done. Outsource it!

As a fellow small business owner, I feel your pain. You're often overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated--as soon as you check one item off your To-Do-List, three more (or five, or seven!) replace it. Ugh!

Everywhere you turn you see the word DEADLINE. Seems like it's stalking you, doesn't it? Will you ever have a free moment again?

You need professional help. Maybe not with everything, but definitely with tasks that you have neither the time nor energy to learn, yet still must be done with excellence.

That's where we come in! In 10 business days (or less), you'll be the proud owner of a video book trailer that not only visually tells your book's story, but reveals your passion for it, too.

What Exactly Is A Book Trailer, Anyway?

It's a *short (1-2 minute) video about your book. Never intended to share the entire plot, book trailers only share highlights from your book. Or if you prefer, Amazon reviews about it.

*Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds (Source: Animoto).

Why Do You Need A Book Trailer?

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (VidYard).

82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter (Bloomberg).

Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% (EyeView).

Ordering Your Book Trailer Is Easy!


Step #0

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

FREE CONSULT We'll meet online for 30 minutes or less to discuss your project.

AND...WE BEGIN! We'll send a Book Trailer Brief--a short PDF with questions for you to fill out--to the email address you provide. This reduces the need for multiple e-mails back and forth. And we'll be on our way!

FIRST REVIEW We'll meet online for less than 30 minutes for you to approve the way we've arranged your images and to select the music for your trailer.

SECOND REVIEW: We'll email you a DropBox link to a *watermarked draft of your completed book trailer. You'll have three days to request one round of simple revisions.

*A watermark is a faint design--in this case--our logo. It will be removed on the final version we send you via Dropbox (below).

FINAL DELIVERY: Within *5 business days from your final review, you'll receive an email with a DropBox link to your finished book trailer. Download it (we'll show you how) and share it here, there, and everywhere!

*Note that the clock stops each time we're waiting to receive any requested information from you.



Sit back and relax, as your book trailer markets your book 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

WITH NO NARRATION: $350                                                 WITH NARRATION ADDED: $400

Your trailer won't ever go out-of-style. Won't ever need to be updated. Like the Energizer bunny,
it just keeps going and going and in and day out, year after year.


Watch the book trailer for Melinda Inman's third novel, No Longer Alone.

The trailer's content was pulled directly from her book's back cover copy and several book reviews.

video placeholder

With No Narration

Client requested a one minute video with no narration and premium (paid) music track.

Sample only
(used with permission)

video placeholder

With Narration Added

Same book trailer as on left with narration added (which doubled the trailer's length).

Sample only
(used with permission)

"Patricia Durgin designed my latest novel’s book trailer,
and I’m thrilled with the results.

Unlike many marketing/design firms, publishers, or
publicists, Patricia invited me into the process.
I had a say about everything, so that, not only
the novel itself but also the trailer was a true
representation of me as a writer.

After explaining what I wanted, she pulled together
samples of the components I had described.
I then selected multiple parts of the design.
She welcomed all input.

I am thoroughly pleased with her process and the
resulting product. The trailer completely
captures my story’s essence.

And it’s selling books!"

Watch the book trailer for Frank Ball's novel, Eyewitness.

The trailer's text came from his book's back cover copy and several reader reviews.

video placeholder

Client requested a one minute video with no narration and coordinating music track.

Sample only
(used with permission)

Frank Ball, Author

"Patricia did an amazing job, mixing the message with perfect pictures and music. Love it!"


How long will it take to create my book trailer? You'll be placed on our schedule during our FREE 30 minute consult. Once you're next in the queue, plan on *ten (10) business days. *Note that the clock stops each time we're waiting to receive any requested information from you.

Where do you get the images for my book trailer? There are three possible sources: you, free sites, and paid sites.

Whatever the source, it's critical that all the images used in your custom book trailer have a similar creative style and feel--that they convey a cohesive visual message. Don't you agree?

We begin with the images you send us--if you have any. If not, we move on to sites that offer free (and royalty-free) images, then **paid image sites (if necessary).

Where does the music track come from? We select 2-3 music track options from our music library, and ask you to select one during our review process. If none suit you, we'll select options for a **premium (paid) music track. But that's a last resort, because we want to keep your budget in mind.

What if I have more questions? We'll answer them in our free, 30-minute consultation.

**If any images or music tracks need to be purchased, you'll need to do that, so that you retain the rights. Those charges will be in addition to the costs mentioned here.


Are You Ready To Boost Your Book Sales While You Sleep?

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