A Step-By-Step Course to Plan, Promote, and Present Your Own Events

Question for Christian writers and speakers who dream of serving
more people but their platform is basically nonexistent...

If there was a simple, step-by-step method to
leverage the power of live events,
thus growing your audience and your platform...

Would you have the confidence to stop imagining yourself
??? and actually start doing it?

Here's why anything less than a resounding, "Yes"
will hold you back from years of satisfaction and fulfillment...


If you're a Christian communicator, you're a thought leader. You're committed to an idea bigger than yourself. You've spent months (years?) shaping it, refining it, and sharing it in private conversations.

Now's the time to take that same content, create a signature presentation, and deliver it to those in your local or regional area.

Educate them. Inspire them. Tell them about God. See lives changed right before your eyes.


Most strugglers are marketing their message the wrong way.

Start Small. Go Broad.

Tell me if this feels familiar.

You know for an absolute fact that God gifted you with a message. You've studied it, shaped it, refined it, and perhaps written a book about it. 

You’re not here to become an expert.

You’re here because you ARE an expert.

And you want your message to reach more people.

This course is designed to help you deliver the message you already advocate.

The status quo repels you. You write to advance a cause, right a wrong, or start a movement. 

You're dabbling in online marketing, finding it difficult but soldiering on, wondering if it's working.

It is. Trouble is, online marketing is the long game. Speaking is the short game. But it's fraught with challenges.


The 3 Speaking Myths That May Be Holding You Back 

Over and over, new clients come to us despairing over the same lies and, if you believe them, they’ll hold you—and your audience—back from God's best. 

Myth #1: Christians aren't supposed to market themselves

Sharing God's Good News is not a suggestion...it's a directive. Like so many other areas in a Christian's life, the motive of our heart is the key.

Do we write and speak to draw attention to ourselves or to God's message of deliverance? For His is the only worthy message, and everyone needs to hear it, even those who do not yet know Christ.

But He doesn't expect us to start from scratch. Our message builds upon the foundation He's already laid, extending it to those in our circles. Our goal is to expand those circles. Marketing your message through your own events does that.

Can't God reach people without us? Oh, yes, but He invites us into to experience the thrill of helping those He gifted us to serve. So they are blessed, and so are we. Isn't He wonderful?

You and I are called to stand up in a crowded space--online and offline--and proclaim that which we know: God sacrificed His Son to pay for mankind's sins. Yours, mine, and everyone else's, for no matter what we've done or what's been done to us, He can make us clean and free again. Magnificent!

Creating your own events helps them find you--and Him--in the crowd.

For what value is your message (really, God's message in you) if no one hears it?

Myth #2: You need a proven track record (which you don't have).

You didn't fall off the proverbial turnip truck yesterday. You've been speaking formally and/or informally for years, at work, in your community, and at church.

You've been delivering messages for years in your personal and professional life, but you don't realize it, because you're only counting your years as a paid public speaker (and that number's pretty...shall we say...low).

But once you add up the various roles you've filled and the many opportunities you've had to be the leader in the room, you'll be shocked. In a good way.

Because teachers are speakers....

Myth #3: You have to be salesy (aka pushy) to market your private event.

This is an oldie-but-a-goodie, one that the enemy whispers in our ear. And as everything he says, this is an outright lie.

You CAN be "sales-y" if that's your style, but it's not necessary. Our approach is to create interest in your event by those in your God-given target market, and not random people on the side of the street.

Invite them. Serve them. Share tools for change with them. They'll respond, and tell their friends, some of whom aren't in your locale, which means they'll want to connect with you online. Bingo! Now you're growing your online audience, too!

And all because you offered your message in-person, in your area, and ????


The Good News Is,
There’s a Proven Roadmap to Learn Effective Online Marketing

At this point, you already know that marketing is about attracting new audiences to your message.

By using the training system I’m about to share, you’ll also:

  Connect effortlessly with your ideal target market

  Create content that fits your audience perfectly

  Prove that your message gives them the results they want 

  Design a promotional series like a pro!

You can experience all these results, whether you’re a total marketing beginner or you’re coming back to marketing after several failed attempts. 

But they DO depend upon your using a specific, step-by-step roadmap to get there. 

One that uses proven, effective teaching methods and marketing practices used for decades, yet is fresh and new to your audience, just like your message. 🙂 

One that’s been my secret weapon to help my private clients make massive leaps in messaging and marketing throughout the last 8 years. 

One that you can adapt for each new project in the future.

One that you’ll excitedly point back to a few months from now, when you’re absolutely nailing it onlinereaching new audiences in ways you NEVER thought possible.

Public Speaking is the Single Best Way to Serve Your Audience in Real Life

We teach Christian communicators how to reach (and grow!) their audience via speaking engagements.
Whether you're a rookie or a veteran communicator, we have what you need to
plan, promote, and present your own live events.
Your audience is waiting!


Patricia Durgin has studied online marketing since 1999. She's the host of the Facebook Live program for Christian writers and speakers, Marketers On A Mission, which highlights online marketing every weekday.

Patricia has served private clients for over a decade, helping them shape their message for the online marketplace.

Along the way, she's reverse-engineered how top professionals promote their events and products, adapting their techniques to fit her own (and her clients) specific messages.

She'll show you how to do that for your events!

Patricia and Tammy have heard from many Christian communicators who say they need more than theories. They need step-by-step guidance to plan, market, and launch their own events. They need a way to ask questions of other writers and speakers just starting (or re-starting) their speaking journey.

They need someone who’s been there and done that to help guide them through the entire process, without a $1,000 price tag!

That’s why these two professionals created the Speakers QuickStart™, to help you begin serving your audience via live events quickly and professionally. A program that focuses on the six foundational elements every expert(?) communicator must master.

With this information in your Marketer's Toolkit, you'll be able to decide when, where, and how you'll create your next get-together.

Because when you host your own special events, you'll never have to sit by the phone hoping to be booked again!

A step-by-step course to plan, promote, and present your own live events.

An organic system that gives you a clear, progressive, step-by-step roadmap for exactly which step to take, when, and how...

Guaranteeing you’ll deliver better presentations more effectively--and most importantly--see far more lives changed than ever before.

The Speakers QuickStart is based upon the 6-step framework Tammy and Patricia have developed, drawn from 20+ years of serving Christian communicators.

A framework that connects you with your audience faster, drives your content creation, proves your message changes lives, and organically promotes your products and services.

The Speakers Quickstart will walk you through this exact, proven and repeatable process.

And the best part? No guesswork involved.


The Speakers QuickStart™ was designed with the aspiring (or returning) speaker in mind.
If you're looking for help to gain (or regain) momentum, this is the course for you.


Treats speaking as an effective tool to serve your audience, market your message, and sell books, instead of something you dread.

Leverages the passion you have for your message into a platform growth solution.

Trains you how to invite the very people who want what you have to offer.

Reveals how to keep your event costs low while the keeping the fun quotient high.

Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about hosting events, to creating a personalized system that fits your message, personality, and schedule.

Holds your hand through the planning details and celebrates your victories!

Join us for our Fall Enrollment and discover your step-by-step roadmap
for building your platform through public speaking.





(where your message--and resources--will be center stage!)


We'll start with the end in mind.

Before investing time and energy into your signature presentation, you'll learn how to keep your audience fully engaged and wanting more.

This will give you a crystal clear picture of what you'll be working towards throughout the rest of the program.


It all starts with a conversation. Then another. And yet another. Before you know it, a small group is interested in what you're saying.

Ideally this occurs online, so the group moves forward together. We'll show you how to guide the conversation (without being fake!), so that it gains momentum. The goal is to prime your audience to be interested in your event (when you're ready to announce it).


You care so much about your topic that you want to share everything you know. Yep. Totally get that. But your audience will drown in information and leave shell-shocked.

Instead, choose what's most important and save the rest for another day. Then fashion the most dynamic, effective presentation possible, knowing you can adjust it to fit other audiences and their specific needs, too. This is when it really gets interesting!


Leaders don't just deliver information. They inspire change. And they give their audience the tools to make that change.

This is the crux of your marketing message. We'll help you nail this and then use it as the foundation of your online and offline promotions.

This will determine ???


Where will your event be held? What resources will you offer for sale
(if any)? Will there be refreshments? Activities? Who will collect the funds? These and other questions need answers.

Don't fret. If you can plan a family trip to DisneyLand, you can handle this. Promise. 🙂

And once your system is developed, you simply repeat it the next time. Easy-peasy!



Now it's time to invite people to take action. To purchase or sign up. That's done by creating an email or a one-page flyer with all the details--including the benefit!--to be shared online and/or offline.

Set their expectations of what's to come, deliver it with all you've got, then feel His pleasure when their good reports come in. Rest. Then select a date for your next event, and get going again!

These Bonuses Will Share Even More
Insider Secrets To Get You Going FAST!

Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other smart, generous writers and speakers. And with members covering a broad range of topics, you're sure to find someone who "gets you."

How to Set Your Fee / When It's Time to Raise Your Rates


How to Request (and Get!) Powerful Testimonials

Great testimonials open doors. And you have access to fantastic testimonials right now...if you know where to look, who to ask, and how to guide them (without being pushy). We'll show you.

Storytelling Secrets


How to Write an "About Page" That Attracts Your Ideal Audience

Your website's ABOUT page should describe your audience, their needs, and the solution you offer so well that they'll think they're looking in a mirror. We'll help you create such a page.

It's the Small Details That Count




Traditional wisdom says, "If you sit by the phone long enough, eventually someone will book you."

You can stop sitting by the phone...create your own event!

Make Income Doing What You Love.

Want to leave your day job or create a secondary, profitable income stream? Platform University will show you how to transform your genius into revenue-generating opportunities.

Master Your Brand Message.

The secret to creating transformative content and attract your tribe of people online is mastering your online voice. With Platform University, you’ll learn how to communicate your message with clarity and confidence.

Maximize Your Time.

Time is precious, and you’re already busy enough. Platform University will help you focus on high-leverage actions that won’t waste your time so you can spend more time with the people you love (not tinkering with a website).


Plus you'll be backed by...


We’ll say this upfront.

This Speakers QuickStart™ course is the most comprehensive 6-week implementation program for Christian communicators who are excited and COMMITTED about planning, promoting, and presenting their own live events.

We’re excited to invite you into a group that’s motivated to step into their leadership role. When you join, you’ll be part of this special group.

Here’s the thing.

By the end of the first 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first two live trainings, complete with handouts where applicable.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to develop your signature presentation's BIG IDEA and map out your promotional strategy.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your Presentation’s Main Idea (and your ability to attract your target market), simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. Full details here

Frequently Asked Questions

− Is Speakers QuickStart an online course?

− Will I just be watching a bunch of videos?

− Will I have access to all the sessions immediately?

− My schedule is already overloaded. Is this going to take up a lot of my time?

− I’m just a beginner. I don’t even have a website yet. Am I too much of a beginner for Speakers QuickStart?

− Do you have a refund policy?

− What if I have more questions?

But How Do I Know If Speakers QuickStart Is For Me?

  • You have a message that you feel called to share, yet lack the means to get your message out to the world on your own—we’ve got you covered!
  • You want to build a personal brand and be known beyond your close circle of friends and colleagues for the insight you have in your industry—we teach you how to do that!
  • You’re a blogger, podcaster, or vlogger and you want help connecting the dots on the strategy behind everything you’re trying to do—Platform University gives you the step-by-step to build your following further.
  • You want to unlock your earning potential and build a business that supports your life (rather than the other way around)—this is our specialty!

Build Your Platform by Serving Your Audience In-Person


Try the Speakers QuickStart Risk-Free
With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you enroll in the course you'll get...

• the 6 core sessions delivered live

• the 5 bonuses

• the Speakers QuickStart private Facebook group

• live feedback from Tammy and Patricia

• handouts and checklists



If you want to get better at something, you have to be around people who are good at it.

You need a community of fellow believers and leaders who are as dedicated and passionate as you are.

In our private Facebook group, you’ll find encouragement, real-world advice, and powerful connections among like-minded people.

We’re saving you a spot in the Speakers QuickStart online community!