(please read carefully)

We want to give you the opportunity to put the Speakers QuickStart Course into action and give yourself the competitive edge with the right "Live Event System" in place.

Go through the first two modules, implement the training, develop your signature presentation's Main Idea and start Intentional Conversations online. If within the first 14 days the program doesn't work for you, we'll *refund your entire investment.

BUT! This program only works IF YOU WORK. It's not for tire-kickers. Don't plan to try it for a week or two and if you don't like it, ask for your money back.

That's not how to build your business or ministry.

*We'll only give refunds to people who submit their work to clearly show they’ve put our training into practice. No exceptions here. Do we really mean that? Yep. 

That said, when you do the work but it doesn’t pay off, it’s our fault, not yours. And you’ll get your money right back.

Just tell us within 14 days of purchasing here: refund me. And be prepared to send us your work. (Don't have up to 2 weeks worth of completed lessons to send us? No refund.)