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Are you starting over…again?

Then you’ll enjoy my interview with Twila Belk.

Twila and I met oh, about 1,000 years ago, when she worked with veteran author Cecil (Cec) Murphey. She was full of life, encouraging everyone she met, mixing her unique blend of humor with deep Biblical truths. I loved her instantly.

Twila is an author, speaker, conference director, and as of 2016, she’s a cancer survivor.

She’s also been the primary breadwinner–and caregiver–for her family for years. She shares the weight of that reality in this interview, and how the struggle has drawn her closer to God through the years.

Her overarching message? Trust God. The Father has taught Twila many lessons in this area! She learns them and then shares them with her audience, online and off. (That’s what you and I do, too.)

I don’t fully trust Christians who never admit to struggling, do you? Twila’s not that way. She’s open without being raw, and wise without being condescending.

Twila also has a new role, and she shares a little bit about it in our interview. Watch it over on Christianity and Commerce, Episode 03. 


Additional Resources for Twila Belk

These are only three of Twila’s books. Check them all out at the Amazon link above.

3 book covers Raindrops from Heaven, I Believe in Healing, and I Believe In Angels