One-On-One Workshops


Once upon a time in 1972 three childhood friends—one a grocery store owner and two window washers—started a company, naming it Unadulterated Food Products. They sold all-natural fruit juice to the growing health food market in New York City, keeping their day jobs in case the new business floundered.

A batch of carbonated apple juice accidentally fermented before shipment. The pressure caused bottle caps to go flying! Although that product didn’t last, the owners had already chosen a name for it, combining the words “snappy” and “apple” to make “Snapple.” They liked the name so well they changed the company’s brand name to Snapple. Today’s it’s sold around the world.

Snapple’s marketing is unique, quirky, and fun. The name itself is fun, don’t you think? They couldn’t use the same marketing with their original name: Unadulterated Food Products. It simply wouldn’t fit.

Our goal isn’t to have fun titles, per se, it’s to have clear and irresistible titles that immediately capture our reader’s attention or stir their curiosity, giving us time to share how our message can help them if they sign-up, book us for their event, or purchase our book.

Until we have their “ear,” we're unable to move forward. Perfect titles are the first step in that process.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll work together to create the perfect title that will stop your readers in their tracks…in the best possible way. 🙂


A deer hunter named Benjamin Parks tripped over a rock in the North Georgia mountains in 1828. Looking down, he saw that the “rock” was actually a large piece of gold! Thus began America’s first gold rush.

Within a year, over 15,000 miners were traveling to Dahlonega, Georgia,…there was so much gold (at that time) that it lay upon the ground. All one had to do was simply bend a knee and pick it up.

You don’t have to put your life on hold and travel to a distant location, hoping to stumble upon the treasures in your message.

Like the gold still buried deep in the North Georgia mountains, you already have products—valuable treasures that can change lives—hidden within your message. You just need help to know where to look, how to recognize their significance, and then how to market them to your target audience.

Whether Christ wants you to offer them for free or for a fee, the process to get your products into your audience’s hands is the very same. The first step is to search for them inside your message; they’re not lying about in the open.

In this 120-minute session, we’ll explore the two most likely places these plums are located, and how to market them. Then we’ll cover potential delivery methods and what to charge. 


In February 4, 2004 Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg launched TheFacebook, later changing the name to Facebook.

Designed to help only Harvard students connect online, first Stanford, Yale, and Columbia and then other college students also became members. It swept across the country and the world like wildfire.

Today, Facebook is perhaps the most influential social media network worldwide, with over 2 billion members and growing each day. The biggest reason? It offers users a way to develop actual relationships, rather than simply sending only texts or only photos. 

Through Facebook Live, you and I have a unique way to serve our audience members interactively. And as we serve them, we can offer clarification immediately (when needed), sensing their burdens lifting in real time. They can hear our laughter, see our eyes, and get to know us three dimensionally, which is the most powerful form of communication save our physical presence.

We don’t have to have influential friends or thousands of dollars to invest. We don’t have to be a guest on anyone’s podcast or have a Ph.D. (though both are nice!). Simply being ourselves and delivering our message with excellence allows the Holy Spirit to draw our audience to us. And so we help more people. And so our audience grows.

We can grow our audience faster through a Facebook Live program than any other way and it’s FREE! Amazing!

In this 120-minute session, we’ll cover your program’s focus, content, format, length, and schedule, as the pros and cons of hosting guests.


Still renowned the world over decades after his death, Irish scholar, author, and apologist C.S. Lewis renounced Christianity in his teens, then, 15 years later, wholeheartedly turned his heart and life back to God, describing himself as, “…the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England.”

He went on to write scores of Christian books including The Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters. His writings helped readers see God in a positive light, some for the first time.

Your message does that same thing, for it's God’s message in you. Your audience longs for it, but many don’t know if they can trust you. After all, you’re a stranger to them, so they’re not ready to commit their time or funds to learn if your message is a good fit for them.

But if you offer a small sample of your message—answering a question or solving a problem they’re struggling with today—and it actually helps them move forward, they’ll want to hear more from you.

That message sample is typically a 3-6 page PDF document that helps readers get something done. And all it “costs” them is their email address.

They get a bite-sized piece of their issue solved, and you have a new reader on your email list, giving you an opportunity to continue serving them via email, and periodically letting them know if / when you have a product for sale.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll review the online tools needed to send emails to your “list,” where each tool falls in the Sign-Up - Delivery Sequence, and what to include in your Welcome Email Series.


In the early 1800’s, Dominique Jean Larrey, the French surgeon in charge of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, noticed soldiers dying on the battlefield who could have been saved if treated earlier. He responded by prioritizing patients based upon the severity of their injuries, instead of upon their rank or nationality. Millions (billions?) of lives have been spared since.

Your projects are slowing dying even before reaching the battlefield, their life slipping through your hands due to emergencies real and counterfeit. But you can save them! So much is dependent upon your ability to deliver your message (which is God’s message in you) to your audience. How many lives will be spared from hell (or hell on earth) when you succeed?

In this 90-minute session, we’ll analyze up to five of your current and upcoming projects, identifying which should be your top three priorities.

Then we’ll create a practical plan so your message’s potential can be unleashed, for your sake, your audience’s sake, and God’s glory!


On December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered a six-minute speech to Congress, outlining the attack and asking for a declaration of war.

He had dictated the speech the day before, adjusting it as news reports arrived. Typically, it took two speechwriters and three to ten days for a major speech to go through the drafting process. Not that Sunday. Around 4pm, President Roosevelt invited his secretary into the Oval Office. She typed as he spoke just under 500 words.

Afterward, a major change was made by the president. In the first draft, the famous phrase, “…a date which will live in infamy,” had been, “…a date which will live in world history.” Both were accurate. But the final version galvanized our nation.

Landing pages (pages where readers can sign-up, purchase, or take other actions that benefit both them and you) only have a few words, less even that FDR’s speech. Every word must count.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll work together to rewrite a single landing page, focusing on benefits, benefits, and benefits!