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We Need a Fresh Vision     Friday, February 1st

Michael Gantt started out as a gospel singer in his teens, began preaching at 14 and in the course of the past 50 years he and his wife Barbara have raised up a large, vibrant family of musicians, singers, and preachers. He preached from the same pulpit for almost 38 years before turning over the leadership of the church to his oldest son.

Though Michael remains active in the local church, assisting his son wherever needed, while maintaining an active missionary ministry in East Africa for over three decades, doing leadership training, church planting, and an exciting ministry to the Deaf through the Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf.

Michael travels extensively throughout the United States, as a guest preacher at churches of all denominations, a conference speaker in family life conferences, mission conferences and writers conferences. He is a regular faculty member with the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and the Colorado Christian Writers Conferences both as a Keynote speaker and workshop leader.

Michael has written three books. EDDIE, a humorous record of a family vacation filled with strong, easily applicable truths woven throughout the hilarious adventures with Michael and his wife, Barbara and their antique motor home.  Still one of his most popular books.

MAKUTANO is a chronicle of stories gathered from three decades of missionary work in East Africa and other places.  Filled with humor, adventure, danger, and great spiritual truth, MAKUTANO is a must read for mission minded folks.

Michael’s latest book, CRY MERCY is a watchman on the wall volume; a warning to the nation that judgment is imminent if we do not turn back to God.

Learn more about Micheal at: https://mkgantt.com/