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Hey, there! I'm Patricia Durgin, Founder of Marketers On A Mission
and host of over 600 Facebook Live interviews and trainings.

You'll be interested in Launch It Now with Facebook Live if...

  • You're a Christian writer or speaker with a passion for your message
  • You know (absolutely know!) that your message changes lives
  • You're willing to go where your audience is and serve them there
  • You're willing to step out of your comfort zone to serve your audience
  • You're willing to give your message away to grow your audience
  • You want to do all that without going into debt (yes!!!!)
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"Patricia gives dynamic, detailed sessions that remove the hesitation of being in front of the camera.

"She helps you imagine your audience there instead, which changes everything.

"From designing your recording space to creating your content plan, Launch It Now with FB Live covers everything you need to know to host your Facebook Live program."

Jane van Laar
Christian Communicator
Radiate the Beauty of Christ

Patricia Regularly Serves on Faculty at Christian Writers and Speakers Conferences
Around the Country

Marketers On A Mission:
The Only Facebook Live Program Offering Tutorials and Interviews
Exclusively for Christian Writers and Speakers

Patricia Durgin Hosts Leaders in the Christian Writing and Speaking Fields

Every Weekday at 12PT / 1MT / 2CT / 3ET on Marketers On A Mission's FB page.


Enjoy previous programs on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

(Summit programs are no longer available.)

“I’ve done over 200 interviews, including the 700 Club, the Rainey’s show, and Patricia, you’re one of the top three interviewers I’ve had over the decades.

“You do your research, you know your stuff…you ask the questions that are in-between the lines.”

Pastor, Biker,
Avid Outdoorsman, Author
God, a Motorcycle, and the Open Road: A Biker's Devotional

“Patricia, you’re wonderful, and I love what you’re doing. This is a fantastic platform.

"You’re helping authors. You’re helping writers. It’s just a blessing. And you do an excellent job.”

Author, Speaker,
Christian Publishing Consultant,
Owner, KRG Publications, LLC
Meet Me in the Valley: Walking With God Through the Low Places in Life

Attract New Audience Members with
Promotional Videos

Anyone can record you on video. How many can capture your spirit?

I've been conducting video interviews since 2013, hosting over 500 guests.

These are not like other interviews, where the guest recites their "name, rank, and serial number" in a monotonous, robotic voice. Nope!

Offscreen, I'll ask you engaging questions that bring out your personality, reveal your love for God, and display your expertise.

You don't need 100 lifeless video clips! You only need a few IF each one engages, informs, and demonstrates your commitment to your audience.

"I chose to work with Patricia Durgin after seeing an amazing interview she did with a Christian author who is a friend of mine.

"Having written my first Christian fiction novel after two international best selling memoirs (different themes), I really needed to find my voice to properly market this new book's intended message to more people.

"In a series of chats and a formal interview, I ended up with a much deeper understanding of myself as a writer as well as the value of my latest work to a wider audience.

"I found the whole process engaging, insightful, and very informative. I would highly recommend working with Patricia for any entrepreneur or artist looking to shine a new light on their gifts and talents."

L.B. Johnson
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author
The Book of Barkley, A Story of Adoption (Saving Grace), and Small Town Road

"I met Patricia A Durgin in 2011 at a writers conference. My novel was with an agent, and I’d heard that I would have to learn to market my work.  Yes, that is how I felt! I didn’t major in marketing. I even hated editing my husband’s thesis because it had to do with “business.” Yuck. I majored in Theology and Art, humanities. Stuff for humans!

"Meeting Patricia changed everything. She held my hand and walked me through the frightening world of platforms, taglines, website content (what! We have to have a website!), mail lists (Egad!), target audience, a well defined message, and generating sales. At the time, I wished I’d never heard of this stuff."

"And when I forget during the fray, I drop back in and listen in to yet another life-giving and informative FB Live program by Patricia!

"Thank God for Patricia and for all she does to help authors and speakers who have an eternal, salvific, grace-filled, and hopeful message to proclaim!"

MELINDA INMAN, International Book Award Winner
Novelist, Blogger, Speaker, Bible Study Writer, and Teacher
Fallen, Refuge, No Longer Alone, and The Shadows Come

KO Your Headaches with
Private Coaching Sessions

REMINDER: You Can Do Everything God Has Gifted You to Do!

If you're starting, growing, or scaling your writer / speaker platform and marketing is your weakest link, quit guessing. 

Sometimes an entire project hinges on a single (maddening!) step or tool or "thing" that, try as you might, you simply cannot get past.

Perhaps you're wondering if you have what it takes? You do, baby! You do! (Jesus says so!)

Here's an idea: Stop Googling for hours and watching YouTube videos. Those "solutions" aren't related to your specific situation.

Let's get together via Zoom or by phone and find the actual solution to your problem. You might be stuck on your blog's content, the best strategy for your upcoming project, the multiple steps in your funnel, or one of a bazillion other potential headaches.

Come on! Let's get your project rollin' again because...your audience is waiting.

“Patricia, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. It was through your online classes that I realized my website needed a complete overhaul. As a result, I got started working on my brand and my new website format.

"After our prayer for guidance, my talk with you was like talking to a “powerhouse” of strategic ideas. I reverted to my 70s secretarial days and pulled out my old “shorthand” skills just to keep up with your “rapid-fire” suggestions.

"Once you assessed my draft templates, you helped me sketch a visual of your recommendations. When we concluded our session, what were once my puzzle pieces of ideas seemed to connect and form a beautiful website.

"Throughout my work life, ministry, and personal life I have provided the services I am now offering to my target audience. Thanks to you, it now feels like a brand. I am grateful for the help you provided me and know that this session was soooo worth it.  But don’t think this is the end of things. I plan to book a follow-up. LOL.”

Christian Relationship Coach,
Minister, and Author

Your Adam Is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes
Back in the Day Anthology
Rainbow Moments Journal
Memory Journal
A Place Called Down: Why Christians Suffer